Incentive Programmes

The London Metal Exchange (LME) runs a number of incentive programmes designed to encourage trading and enhance liquidity for both new and existing participants on our markets.

LME base metals, ferrous and LMEprecious incentive programmes are governed by the Incentive Programme General Terms (PDF).

Metal specific reports
LME base metals
There are three separate programmes available for aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc: the New Market Participant programme; the Continuing Market Participant programme; the Volume Based Rebate programme.

LME ferrous metals
We offer a liquidity provider programme to support the growth of our ferrous contracts LME Steel Scrap, LME Steel Rebar and the two LME Steel HRC contracts.
The LME offers a New Market Participant programme for LME Gold and LME Silver.
Monthly oveview
Member incentive programmes
The Ferrous Member Incentive programme, LMEprecious Member Incentive programme and the New Cash Settled Member Incentive programme are available to category 1 and 2 LME members and LMEprecious GCMs .          

To apply for an incentive programme, completed application forms should be submitted via email to

If you have any questions, please contact

Upon the LME’s acceptance of a participant onto an incentive programme, the combination of the General Terms, relevant specification document, and the application form will together form the agreement between the LME and the relevant participant in respect of that's participant’s participation in the incentive programme.

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