Membership enhancements

The London Metal Exchange is changing some elements of its membership structure to encourage increased market participation and to enhance liquidity on LMEselect.

These membership changes, which form part of our wider Liquidity Roadmap suite of initiatives, cover two main areas – access to LMEselect for Category 3 and Category 4 members, and additional flexibility in admission criteria for all categories of membership.

Direct LMEselect access for Category 3 and 4 members

Category 3 and 4 members will now be able to trade directly on LMEselect for the first time. This will reduce trading latency, give greater access to market depth, and give these categories of member direct access to LMEselect.

More flexible eligibility criteria for all categories of membership 

The FCA authorisation requirement for members can be exempted in certain circumstances. Subject to providing certain specified information, this increased flexibility will allow greater access to our markets for a wider range of participants. Visit our Membership section