LMEnet is the new dedicated wide area network (WAN) from the London Metal Exchange. It is designed to give LME users a fast, reliable and secure connection to the all the Exchange’s electronic systems including LME Clear.

Latency-sensitive clients looking for top performance can choose to upgrade their service to LMEnet Premium. Whilst those looking for a low-cost solution outside Europe can opt for LMEnet Remote.

Colt - our LMEnet technology partner 

LMEnet utilises technology partner Colt's telcoms network PrizmNet.

Feature LMEnet Premium  LMEnet  LMEnet Remote
On-demand scalability 1Gb To 100Mb
99.9% (Colt VPN)
Network connection Direct point to point PrizmNet network Colt VPN / Internet VPN
Advanced Service Monitoring Yes Yes No
Packet loss visibility Yes Yes No
Network latency and jitter visibility Bespoke, based on fastest available route Yes No
Improved market gateway failover Yes Yes No
Carrier and route diversity Yes* Yes* No

*For all sites where commercially available

LMEnet Premium 

LMEnet Premium is for latency-sensitive applications, and links clients directly into the LME’s data centres using 1Gb latency-optimised circuits.

Premium users will be located within LME data centres, and the connection between the user and its target electronic systems will be point-to-point.

We will know precisely what latency these customers will receive, and they will receive minimal serialisation and hopcount scalable capacity and our advanced service monitoring tool as standard.


LMEnet is the standard and wide area network (WAN) service for trading, matching, clearing and market data servers.

It offers a high-quality service for market participants that trade often on the LME’s platforms, but whose strategies are not particularly focussed on low latency.

The LMEnet service leverages Colt’s PrizmNet core network, which is hosted on the cloud, coupled with ethernet access circuits from Colt and other carriers.

Benefits include use of the unique service monitoring tool and scalable bandwidth.


LMEnet - an overview

LMEnet overview

LMEnet Remote

LMEnet Remote is the connectivity option designed for small outfits (with one or two users) located outside Europe.

More reliable than internet virtual private networks (VPN) clients can use either a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) connection provided by Colt or their own internet service provider to access the cloud-hosted PrizmNet core network.

LMEnet Remote

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