LMEselect FAQs

LMEselect FAQs

What is the required Java version?

The correct Java version is bundled with the Trading Client.

Is LMEselect able to run on Windows 10?

LMEselect is compatible and supported on Windows 10.

What Data centre does the production system run from?

Production system is currently running from data centre 1.

Are previous versions of LMEselect supported when a new release comes out?


What are the operating hours for LMEselect?

Trading hours are between 01:00am and 19:00pm (Trading for LMEprecious continues until 20.00)  UK time.

Where can I download the application?

LMEselect can be downloaded from the LME website under the Documents section on the LMEselect page.

Is there a list of ISV’s that have a conformed access to LMEselect API?

Yes. A list of conformed ISV’s can be found on the LME website

How do we conform our own application for connection to LMEselect system?

All Members and ISVs accessing LMEselect for FIX order entry, market data or drop copy services must certify their operational readiness prior to their access to the production system. The LMEselect Member and ISV Self-Certification Process can be found on the LMEselect Documents page

How are user accreditations carried out?

The user to be accredited should call the LME helpdesk and arrange a suitable time with a member of the LME Select team to go through the accreditation. The actual accreditation will be done over the phone.

Do view-only users require an accreditation?


Is it possible to change the default screen colours, fonts and icon size?

It is possible to change screen colour and font size by selecting ‘Properties’ from the drop down on each window in the Trading Client.

Can I see and override LME set hard limits for order entry?

Users can view but not change the LME set hard limits.

Where can I see the LME hard limits?

The LME hard limits can be found under User Profile> User settings, under the tab Order Entry.

Can I set soft limits myself to prevent ‘fat finger’ errors?

Yes. This can be set from User Profile> User settings, under the tab Order Entry.

What if I trade in error on LMEselect?

The user must inform Trading Operations 0207 113 8200 within 15 minutes of executing the trade. The LME will determine whether the trade is eligible for price adjustment. The full Error Trades and Erroneous Order Submissions Policy can be found in the Policies tab on the LMEselect Page

What is the Error Trades and Erroneous Order Submissions Policy?

The policy on error trades and erroneous order submissions deals with the three different circumstances relating to error trades and the submission of erroneous orders on LME Select:
a) the no-cancellation range within which Members will not be permitted to cancel error trades;
b) the procedures for the LME to permit the cancellation of error trades outside the no-cancellation range where both parties agree to cancel; and
c) the power of the LME to invalidate an error trade(s) and remove an erroneous order(s), or to invalidate an error trade and replace it with an identical trade (but modified as to price) in order to protect the integrity of the market.

The Member requesting a trade cancellation must contact the LME’s Trading Operations team by telephone on +44 (0) 20 7113 8200 within 15 minutes of the trade.

The full policy can be found under the Policies tab on the LMEselect page

What is meant by Unexecuted Order to Transaction Ratio (UOTR)?

This is a policy that the LME enforces to maintain an orderly market.

The full policy can be found on under the Policies tab on the LMEselect Page. 

How long do you retain the historical data online in LMEselect?

Historical data is retained for 30 business days.

Are my custom screen settings stored on my local pc or is it on the LME servers?

The screen settings are stored locally to the PC.

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