LMEsmart is the System for Matching And Registering of Trades. LMEsmart operates between 01:00 and 20:15 London time for trade entry and can be accessed via the browser based GUI or the FIX API for members own applications.

LMEsmart live system status

Status: Green

Last updated: 9th April 2021 11:07

No Issues




Should you have any questions relating to the LME test environments, please contact membertest@lme.com


LMEsmart MT-A 

Status: Green

Last updated:     9th April 2021 11:07

LMEsmart MT-B

Status: Green     9th April 2021 11:07

RIX/FIX Enhancement

Please note that Member Test A is available to test the new RIX/FIX enhancement.

Below are the LMEsmart Member GUI Guide and also the latest LMEsmart FIX API Member Guide v2.27.

Useful testing information for pre-trade transparency (PTT) Member Testing – MTA

LMEsmart FIX API Member Guide 2.25 CLEAN

LMEsmart FIX API Member Guide 2.25 REDLINE

Please note: from Monday 7th December the auction duration period has been reduced from 5 minutes to 30 seconds in MTA to mirror Production.

PTT auction functionality will be deployed into LMEsmart MTB on Thursday 10th December and the environment will be unavailable until Friday 11th December . MTB will keep the 5 minute PTT auction period for testing purposes until further notice.

To initiate an auction, trades must contain:

  • Venue – Inter-office
  •  Category – Normal or Giveup Executor/Clearer
  •  Price Type – Current
  •  Product listed on the LIS table
  •  Volume under the LIS threshold
  •  Both sides of the trade must have Commodity Derivatives Indicator set to “No

  • Auction period: 30 seconds
  • Participating bids and offers should contain the below:
    o Venue – Inter-office
    o Category – Normal
    o Price Type – Current
    o Relevant prompt/s for the auction
    o Relevant price/s for the auction
    o Auction ID (enter into the Public Reference field)
    o Relevant Trade time
    o Counterparty ‘AUC’

  • If one side of the below trade types are cancelled, both sides will be cancelled to prevent matching with auction participants:
    o Client crosses
    o Give ups (member to member and client crosses)
  •  Members can also use their member test counterparties to test auction initiations and auction participation
  •  LIS levels: (TTM_0_1Y = TOM to 1 Year forward, TTM_1_2Y = 1 Year forward to 2 Years forward, etc

Product Contract Type Currency  Time to maturity  bucket PTT LIS Threshold 
 AA F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  17
 AH F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  13
 AH F  USD  TTM_1_2Y  89
 AH F  USD  TTM_2_3Y  64
 CA F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  5
 CA F  USD  TTM_1_2Y  47
 CA F  USD  TTM_2_3Y  47
 NA F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  16
 NI F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  9
 NI F  USD  TTM_1_2Y  51
 PB F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  11
 SN F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  6
 ZS F  USD  TTM_0_1Y  9
 ZS F  USD  TTM_1_2Y  54
 ZS F  USD  TTM_2_3Y  45
  • Carry trades that straddle multiple Time to maturity buckets will be categorised by the maturity bucket with the lowest LIS threshold.
  • Options and TAPOs are currently not considered for PTT
  • If members wish to test on LMEsmart but do not want to initiate an auction, trades entered with the below will not initiate an auction:
    o Trades with higher lots than the LIS levels detailed above
    o Trade with categories other than “Normal” or “Giveup Executor/Clearer”
    o Trades with Commodity Derivatives Indicator set to “Yes” (only one side of the trade needs to contain this for the whole trade to not be considered for PTT)

Important: As per Notice 20/169

LMEselect, LMEselectMD and LMEsource applications in MTB environment will not be available for Members and other market participants to perform their own system/software testing from 03 August 2020 until further notice.

Members are advised to use above applications in LME Member Test A (MTA) environment for any testing.

For the avoidance of doubt LMEsmart, LMEmercury and all other applications in MTB will still be accessible.

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