the New LME Market Data Platform

LMEsource, the LME’s new multicast market data platform launched on 21st May 2018. Please find below a high level summary of LMEsource's features and timelines, as well as the technical specifications for phase one of the project. To be kept aware of project developments, timelines and for further information please contact the Market Data team.


Documents for Data Vendors, Members, and ISVs relating to LMEsource testing and production can be found on the Documentation and Specifications page.


What is LMEsource?

LMEsource is the new LME Market Data Platform, which is a real-time multicast market data dissemination based platform, launched on 21st May 2018.

What is available on LMEsource?

The first phase of LMEsource broadcasts LMEselect trading data only. All market data prices and reports from all LME venues will initially remain on the existing LMEselectMD, and will run in parallel with LMEsource until they are migrated at a future release.

Phase two of the platform will include all additional execution venues, including the The Ring, and Telephone market. The implementation dates will be confirmed in due course.

What are the benefits of LMEsource, the new LME Market Data Platform?

LMEsource will broadcast the LME’s latency sensitive data (i.e. LMEselect only) simultaneously; hence fair, consistent and transparent dissemination to all LME trading and market data participants.

Alignment with HKEX
LMEsource aligns with the OMD platform from HKEX, which will be familiar to existing Distributors of HKEX data.  

Customisation of Market Data Products
Enables multiple multicast products to be broadcast via different channels, including a Level 1 (Best Bid and Offer) channel that is available to Distributors, and a separate channel for LMEprecious products.

Binary Protocols
Uses industry standard data dissemination formats and technical protocols.

Replay and Recovery
Enables market data to be recovered if a subscriber temporarily loses connectivity, experiences network issues (i.e. dropped multicast packets), or is late to join the market.

How can I access LMEsource?

LMEsource can only be accessed via LMEnet lines or via the Interxion London Campus Community Data Centre (CDC) for all environments. LME Market Data Vendors should contact the LME Market Data team. Members and all other participants should contact the LME Technical Account Management team for further information.

When will the current LMEselectMD be decommissioned?

LMEselectMD will run in parallel with LMEsource, the new LME Market Data Platform, until further notice. Please note that currently, LMEsource will publish LMEselect (electronic) trading data for phase one.

Where can I access the Connectivity Guide?

The Connectivity Guide is now available and can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.lme.com/Trading/Systems (login details required). The Connectivity Guide is at the very bottom of the page.

Alternatively, please contact LME Market Data for a copy of the Connectivity Guide.

When is testing available for LMEsource?

The test environment for LMEsource is currently available. The throttles on the LMEsource in each test environment (MT-A and MT-B) are set to ~ 5mbps (1 second interval). Please contact LME Market Data Operations

What is the bandwidth requirement for LMEsource?

Based on currently observed production traffic, with some headroom, it is recommended that participants allocate the following bandwidth for the LMEsource production service:

  • LMEprecious - 30mbps of bandwidth for LMEsource when measured on a 10millisecond interval
  • LME (all other non-LMEprecious contracts) - 20mbps of bandwidth for LMEsource when measured on a 10millisecond interval

The above quoted bandwidth is for a single LMEsource product and single feed. All participants (including Members / ISVs / Market Data Vendors) should allow additional bandwidth if planning to run LMEsource in parallel to other services including LMEselect and LMEselectMD.

If you need further guidance or have any questions related to bandwidth requirements please email.



What are the Refresh and Retransmission services?

The retransmission service allows clients who have experienced gaps when receiving the real-time market feed to request a range of messages to be resent. The retransmission service is intended for use when a small number of messages have been lost on both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ channels

The refresh service listens to the real-time output multicast channels and keeps a cached state of the market (limits, order books full depth, highs, lows, etc.) in memory. It periodically publishes a snapshot of this information. There is a refresh channel for each real time channel. 





Is LMEsource available over Internet?

Multicast is not supported over Internet. LMEsource will only be available via LMEnet lines or via the Interxion London Campus Community Data Centre (CDC), for all environments.

Can I access LMEsource member test environment over the production CDC cross-connects?

No, member test environment requires an additional cross connect. It is physically separated from production CDC cross-connects. A single cross connect can be provided for member test environment. Members and all other participants should contact the LME Technical Account Management team for further information.

Can I get ‘Reference Data’ for business day’s other than current business date from LMEsource?

No, ‘Reference Data’ is only available for current business date. This enhancement will be captured in a future release.

Can I request Evening Evaluation messages from LMEsource?

Evening Evaluation messages are currently not available on LMEsource. Members can continue to access Evening Evaluations through the LMEselect API while Vendors will need to have a LMEselectMD connection, until they are made available in future releases.

What are the fees involved in distribution of LMEsource?

The Annual Licence fees and Subscriber fees will not change for distribution of data from LMEsource, compared with LMEselectMD. Fees will be as follows (in USD):

  • Annual Licence fee - $18,000 per year;
  • Real-time - $90 per subscriber per month;
  • 30 Minute Delayed - $24 per subscriber per month.

In addition to these pre-existing packages, LMEsource introduced a Level 1 package for distribution. This package offers the best bid and offer, trades, and end of day statistics from LMEselect only, and will incur subscriber fees of $35 per subscriber per month.

Please be aware of any relevant bandwidth requirements and connectivity costs associated with the LMEsource feed.

Please contact Market Data with any queries regarding fees.


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