Latest systems releases

Please see below for the documentation relating to the upcoming technology release scheduled for Q4 2018. For LME Clear documentation, please ensure you are logged in for full access.

To request to view these documents, please email us.


  • Testing will take place in Member Test B environment (MTB).
  • During the week 15 October to 19 October, MTB will be down due to initial upgrade.
  • End to end testing will be available between 22 October – 16 November.
  • Participants are encouraged to test connectivity to MTB as early as possible prior to 15 October.
  • Full connectivity details can be found in the member section of the LME website


November release changes


  • MTB environment will be available from 07:30 – 20:30 (UK time)
  • Hours of Support will be 08:00 – 18:00 (UK time)
  • Weekly scheduled down time for upgrades or patch release will occur every Thursday between the hours of 08:00 – 12:00 UK time


Known issues

Known issues will be updated on a regular basis.

Last updated 06/11/18

 1. Tag 58 is incorrect in the received Ack message when trying to send a carry trade where the first leg uses an explicit price and a subsequent leg uses a price code
 2. TAPO trades originating from LMEselect are being rejected in LMEsmart due to ‘System Error’. TAPO trades entered directly into LMEsmart are unaffected by this issue.
 3. LMEselect Trading GUI. The text labels for the Watchlist shortcut buttons in the LMEselect Client 9.4 are incorrectly positioned to the right of the icon causing some buttons to appear off the edge of the screen. The work around is to open the desired Watchlist from the metals tree instead.
Note: These known issues have been resolved in v_9.4.7 of the LMEselect GUI which you can download on the LMEselect page.
 4. LMEsmart GUI - Accepting Giveup Trades via GUI
When using the 'Accept' function within Trade Management screen for an alleged Giveup, the system creates the new trade half with the incorrect Giveup category. Members can amend the new trade half to the correct category via the Trade Management window.
 5. LMEsmart GUI - GUI screen size reduces
Members have observed that the LMEsmart GUI truncates within the browser while performing repetitive tasks and Members therefore have a minimised view on screen. This can be rectified by refreshing the Smart screen you are in.
 6. LMEsmart FIX - Abandoned trade FIX messages
The Abandoned status is updated twice via FIX for the same trade at the end of the day.
 7. LMEsmart - Incorrect change of trade status
Rejected and Cancelled trades are receiving Abandoned status when market closes.
 8. LMEsmart - Short code Vs Absolute price
When one trade half is entered with a price code and the other trade half is entered with an absolute price, the trade matches and is sent to clearing but will be rejected by Clearing.
 9. Some LMEselect trades are erroneously being caught by LMEsmart’s Price Banding.
 10. LMEselect Trading GUI. The issue exists where an order placed via the LMEselect Trading GUI where the leg 1 prompt date is either a 3rd Wednesday date, or a daily prompt date, and the second leg is equal to the 3 Month date. After placement the order price and quantity details cannot be modified and the order can only be inactivated or cancelled.
All other date combinations are unaffected. The FIX API is also unaffected. Workaround is to Cancel Order and re-submit
Note: These known issues have been resolved in v_9.4.7 of the LMEselect GUI which you can download on the LMEselect page.
 11. LMEselect Trading GUI. The Blue and Pink highlight colours for the Bid and Offer columns are not present in certain order book views.
Note: These known issues have been resolved in v_9.4.7 of the LMEselect GUI which you can download on the LMEselect page.

Version upgrade queries should be directed as follows:

  • LMEmercury Email the TAM team
  • LMEselect –  Email or call the Trading Operations team on +44 (0) 20 7113 8200
  • LMEsmartEmail or call the Post Trade Operations on +44 (0) 20 7113 8201
  • New issues and queries relating to member testing only should be directed to the member test email address

New issue process:

  • members/ISVs/Vendors should always check this Latest Release Member Test page before raising issues. Latest environment availability, documentation, known issues/FAQs and further important updates are to be found here and the webpage will be updated as necessary
  • new issues should be raised via email
  • a TOPDesk ticket will be raised and a reference provided
  • issues will be allocated to the appropriate team queues
  • outstanding issues to be reviewed twice-weekly at 09:00
  • members/ISVs/Vendors to be notified of progress if resolution is expected to be longer than 48 hours
  • wider affecting issues will be published as ‘known issues’ on this page
  • members/ISVs/Vendors to be kept updated and notified of resolution.


For further information relating to the Latest System Release please contact our Technical Account Management team (TAM).