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LBMA Pricing Governance

Oversight Committee

In accordance with the London Platinum Price and London Palladium Prices Regulations (LPP Price Regulations), an Oversight Committee has been established to perform oversight and governance in respect of all matters set out in the LPP Price Regulations.


The Oversight Committee is composed of at least three senior inviduals from The London Metal Exchange, and will be appointed by EXCOM. Current member participants may nominate a qualified individual to act as a representative on the Oversight Committee.

The current composition of the Oversight Committee is as follows

Tom Hine (Chairman)     General Counsel and Head of Enforcement
Matthew Chamberlain     Chief Executive    
Kirstina Combe Head of Regulation, Risk and Compliance    
Kate Eged     Head of Precious Metals

Each Oversight Committee member must declare any other appointments or arrangements that conflict or may conflict with his or her position as an Oversight Committee member. The Declarations made by the current Committee members can be downloaded here.