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Edward Meir

Edward Meir

Edward has been in the commodities business for about 30 years in various capacities. After getting his BA in economics from Montreal’s McGill University in 1978 and his M.B.A from New York University in 1980, Mr. Meir started his career writing on the sugar, coffee, and cocoa markets for Drexel Burnham Lambert. He then spent the next nine years trading aluminum, tin and steel for Trans-World Metals and did the same thing as a trading agent for the next 10 years, representing about 10 different trading companies at one point.

In 2003, his firm was retained by MF Global as a commodity research consultant for base metals and energy. In November 2011, along with the rest of the MF Global team, he moved his consultancy to INTL FCStone, where he continues to provide award-winning research commentary on base and precious metals. Metal Bulletin ranked Mr. Meir as the #1 overall base metals analyst in 2011 (out of 20), #2 in 2013 and he is on track for another high finish judging from first half 2014 results. 

Edward was a speaker at the 2014 LME Metals Seminar in London

Edward Meir, Senior Commodity Consultant, INTL FCStone Ltd spoke at the 2014 LME metals seminar on Copper in the 2015 Outlook for base metals panel.

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