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Notices for the last six months can be found in the list below. For notices published before this period please use our site search.

The full database of member notices is available online via Lexis Nexis.


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  • 17/146
    - LME Notice No 17/142, issued on 24 April 2017, advised Members that the implementation date for the upgrade to LMEsmart had moved to Monday 15 May 2017. This Notice provides Members with final testing details and guidance for the preparation of that upgrade – including Member and ISV final testing timelines and other key implementation information.
    All members

  • 17/145
    - This Notice provides Members with final testing details and guidance for the preparation of the mandatory LMEselect 9.1 upgrade. This upgrade will support the LMEprecious product launch, scheduled for 10 July 2017, as detailed in Notice No. 17/142, dated 24 April 2017.
    All members

  • 17/143
    - This notice details the listing of a warehouse in Port Klang.
    All members

  • 17/142
    - This Notice communicates a change in the London Metal Exchange’s Q2 development programme timetable.
    All members

  • 17/141
    - This Notice announces the publication of the Discussion Paper on Market Structure (the “Discussion Paper”), an analysis by the London Metal Exchange and LME Clear (collectively, the “LME”) of their strategic vision.
    All members

  • 17 138
    - Further to LME Notice 17/032, Mr Matthew Chamberlain who has been holding the position of interim Chief Executive has now been appointed as the Chief Executive of The London Metal Exchange with immediate effect.
    All members

  • 17/137
    All members

  • 17/136
    - Further to Notice No. 17/134, issued on 18 April 2017, the LME advises that due to the ongoing technical issue with the transmission of trades from LMEselect to LMEsmart, the LME has decided to further move the ‘TOM’ matching deadline from 15:30 to 17:30 hours (both London time).
    All members

  • 17/135
    - Please note that, pursuant to notice 17/108 of 29 March 2017, the undermentioned has been approved for membership of The London Metal Exchange. Category 2 TD Bank Europe Limited
    All members, Warehouse companies and their London agents, Board of Directors

  • 17/134
    - Under Section 5, Rule 7 of the Matching Rules for LMEsmart issued on 12 June 2014 (Notice No. 14/181 : R021), all ‘TOM’ trades must be matched or registered in LMEsmart by 13:30 hours (London time) (“Matching Deadline”).
    All members