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Pricing & data

The LME publishes a variety of prices and reports covering all contracts traded on the Exchange. The LME’s products are differentiated by the timing of their delivery and range from real-time, where end users can receive streaming data messages, 30 minutes delayed, next day delayed, and historical data.

The data is offered as a subscription-based service and distributed through a range of licensed third party market data distributors or directly from the LME via LMElive and the LMEapp. These distributors range from specific data vendors to specialist industry publications and news providers.

View a list of licensed data distributors

Access LME data directly with LMElive

Become a licensed data distributor


Real-time data is distributed 24 hours a day via our licensed real-time data distributors and via LMElive on a subscription basis. These distributors can make this data available to end users for a monthly subscription fee. Find out about becoming a distributor.

30 Minutes delayed

30 minutes delayed data is accessible via our licensed data distributors and directly from the LME via LMElive. This service may be more appropriate to those end users who wish to regularly monitor market activity but not constantly in real-time. 

Next day

Next day data (published after midnight UK time for the given trading day) can be accessed via our market data distributors and on the website for non-ferroussteel billet and minor metals. This data could suit your requirements if you are more interested in a daily overview of the market activity and is often provided by trade publications and news providers.   Next day data is also available via the LME XML feed.


The LME offers free market data for the current calendar year for non-ferroussteel billet and minor metals, while previous years can be purchased on the LME Online Store and delivered via email.