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Fees calculator

Calculate the fees payable on trades under LME's new simplified tariff effective from 1 January 2017 using the spreadsheet below.

This tool:

  • Includes both LME and LME Clear trade and clearing fees
  • Calculates fees for a range of trading scenarios calculate including single outrights or multi-leg carries
  • Covers both member to member and segregated cross trades

The spreadsheet can help front or back office staff estimate the fees payable under a range of trade scenarios.

The calculator does not validate prompt dates against the LME prompt date calendar or if the combinations of data entered is a valid submission in LMEsmart.

Member firms with access to LMEmercury can already run a fee report for cleared trades.

The spreadsheet will be updated based on feedback from members. Please contact us with any questions regarding the tool.



Please note that this calculator is for guidance purposes only and should not be treated as a representation or relied upon in the determination of applicable fees. The LME shall not be liable for any inconsistencies resulting from the use of this calculator when compared with the actual fees charged. Members, potential members or any other users of this calculator should make reference to the relevant LME fee notice for confirmation of the actual amounts payable. The LME will inform members of any changes to the fees from time to time by written notice.

Please see the privacy and legal page for further information.