Remuneration Policy

LME Clear (“the Company”) is committed to attracting and retaining highly talented people with a remuneration policy that pays competitively and rewards employees for strong performance.

The Company is committed to fair remuneration and reward practices.

The Company is a Member of the HKEx Group and, as such, it has due regard for, and operates within, the strategy of the Group.

Remuneration policy is designed to support key business strategies of the Company and the Group and create a strong, performance-oriented environment, with the aim of attracting, motivating and retaining talent.

Remuneration Policy

The Remuneration Policy sets out:-

  • The business' needs and values, including attracting, motivating and retaining talent, rewarding performance;
  • The needs and aspirations of employees;
  • The internal relativities between positions and roles;
  • The external market value of the positions and skills needed; and
  • The risk appetite within which the Company operates as a CCP and its core purpose of prudent risk management. 

Remuneration Committee 

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for designing and developing this remuneration policy. The Committee, as a committee of the Board, operates under the terms of the “Remuneration Committee - Terms of References” adopted by the Board of LME Clear. 

The Committee shall represent the remuneration needs of the Company to HKEx Remuneration Committee when considering the overall remuneration of the HKEx Group and shall operate within the parameters agreed with HKEx Group Remuneration Committee in the performance of its duties under its Terms of Reference.

The Committee shall be mindful of its obligation to ensure that the remuneration policy and practices of the Company:

  • Are aligned with the long term interests, business strategies and values of the Company as well as those of the HKEx Group; and
  • Encourage and support prudent and sound risk management.

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