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LME入门课程简介 - 普通话

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About the course

Our three-day introductory course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the London Metal Exchange (LME) and teach you how to use its tools for trading and managing your price risk.

This training programme offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from the LME on how best to use its services in order to benefit your business. You will gain a deeper understanding into the intricacies of LME pricing, hedging and delivery, enabling you to use LME prices and contracts effectively in your operations for trading and risk management.

Classroom and virtual training

We offer our courses both in a classroom environment and virtually. Due to current UK government guidelines we are only able to offer our virtual solution at this moment in time.

All our courses, classroom and virtual, are trainer-led and offered in four locations or time zones: London, New York, Singapore, Dubai or their equivalent time zones. You will receive learning materials and if in London, have an opportunity to visit the Ring.

Browse the full list of course dates and locations in English and in Mandarin.

If you have any problem accessing the Euromoney Learning website to book your place, please contact the team directly who will help you book a course in Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Shanghai.






  • 认识LME的交割日结构和交易流程
  • 理解LME的市场术语
  • 了解LME交割模式及其优点
  • 理解清算的作用与价值,以及LME清算所扮演的重要角色
  • 懂得如何通过不同经纪商或会员进入并参与到LME市场,了解不同经纪商的区别和在市场中所发挥的作用


通过本课程,您可更了解LME所提供的关键服务,并向您展示这些服务如何提升贵公司的价格风险管理水平。 通过本课程获知的理论和实践技能可容易地在日常工作中应用。

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