The LME offers a suite of cash-settled ferrous contracts which enable participants throughout the steel value chain to manage their exposure to price risk.

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Steel structure
LME Focus Session: Ferrous
This webinar will see industry analysts deep-dive into steel markets in Europe, Asia and America. The focus will be on the physical market and its links to financial markets, supply demand drivers and the outlook for 2021.
Steel scrap
Ferrous fireside chats: Colakoglu Metalurji and One World Commodities
The LME welcomes S&P Global Platts, Colakoglu Metalurji and One World Commodities for a discussion on ferrous commodity markets and the impact of COVID-19 on the steel industry.
Steel structure
Beyond the Trading P&L – How Can Derivatives Unlock Value for the Organisation?
The LME, S&P Global Platts and guest speakers discuss embedded optionality in supply contracts, along with indexation of contracts including best practices, pitfalls and implications.
A Fireside Chat on the US Steel Market and Managing Risk in Times of Uncertainty
The LME, S&P Global Platts and guest speakers will give updates on the most recent trends in the American steel market and discuss managing price risk in the wake of unprecedented market uncertainty.
Steel structure
(Mandarin webinar) A New Paradigm for Steel Risk Management in Asia
In this webinar, the LME and Argus Media will focus on the LME’s China-focused hot-rolled coil steel contract and explore whether it can be used as a proxy and macro play for the Chinese market.
Steel structure
Hedging Steel Price Risk on the LME: the view from Sacombank
The LME and Sacombank discuss an alternative view of the Vietnamese steel market and an insight into how their clients use the LME's ferrous contracts to manage price risk.
Steel scrap
Hedging Steel Price Risk on the LME: a Vietnamese perspective from Techcombank
The LME and Techcombank will discuss how Vietnamese companies are managing their steel price risk on the LME, together with an overview of the steel market and outlook in Vietnam.
A New Paradigm for Steel Risk Management in Asia
The LME, Argus Media and guest speakers introduce the LME's China-focused hot-rolled coil steel contract, compare trading on the LME with trading onshore in China, and give insights into how COVID-19 has affected the ferrous complex in the region.

The LME is delighted to be collaborating with Metalshub to establish a transparent, efficient and liquid spot trading platform and marketplace for base metals, including those suited more to spot trading, like low-carbon aluminium.

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