LMEpassport is the new electronic certificates of analysis (CoA) and digital credentials register from the London Metal Exchange.

A key component of the LME’s sustainability strategy, LMEpassport is designed to provide participants with two key services:

  • a digital store for electronic CoAs of metal physically delivered into and out of the LME ecosystem, replacing the current paper-based model
  • a facility for recording information related to metals’ sustainability

To coincide with its 31 August 2021 launch, we ran a series of training webinars designed to walk potential users of LMEpassport through its key features – administration, record creation and sustainability.

All sessions are available to watch back on-demand at any time, to support you when using LMEpassport.

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LMEpassport webinars

Part one - administration
In part one of our LMEpassport training webinar series, we introduce you to the platform and its administration processes.
Part two - record creation
In part two, we delve deeper into record creation and help you understand how to create, import and approve.
Part three - sustainability
In the final part of our LMEpassport training series, we’ll be focusing on the sustainability aspects of the platform and how it can be used to record information related to metals’ sustainability.
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