Date: Wednesday 16 February 2022

Time: 09-17.00 GMT

Location: Webinar

Event Organiser: Climate Transformed

LME Involvement: The LME will be speaking in sessions on the 'Commodities' day. Alice Lim, AVP in the CEO Office will be speaking on the Cobalt panel and Hugo Brodie, VP in the CEO Office will be speaking on the Nickel panel.

Description: Mobilit/e, a Climate Transformed & Sino Auto Insights Collaboration, is a series of daily virtual forums that will take an immersive look into how Electric Vehicles (EVs) will, within the next several years, replace the internal combustion engine as the primary mode of transport. This series will break down the EV sector into logical components and provide our audience a clearer understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the EV product: the breadth and depth of the raw materials, capital commitments, and level of effort needed in order to get one on the road.

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