When: Friday 17 June 2022

Where: Virtual (BST)

Time: 13.30-17.30 BST

Trainer: Emma Jenkins

Price: £195

Description: This half-day course focuses specifically on LME cash-settled futures contracts, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of risk positions and using futures. You will learn how cash-settled futures are priced, how to understand the forward curve, and how to use these contracts for to manage price risk.
If you make, buy or sell steel, you will learn how to use the suite of LME steel futures (steel scrap, rebar and HRC) to manage price risk volatility.

If you are part of the electric vehicle battery materials value chain and want to use the LME cash settled cobalt and lithium contracts, this course is the ideal starting point.

For those looking for a comprehensive overview of the LME, including physical delivery, warehousing and prompt dates, take a look at our “Introduction to the LME and Hedging: Three Days” course, which covers both physically settled and cash-settled futures.

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