London Metal Exchange - online licensing portal: terms of registration.

In the course of registering for, and using, the LME online licensing portal (the "portal") you will be asked to provide information concerning, and/or on behalf, of certain individuals and/or entities (including but not limited to "personal data" as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) ("GDPR"), or the equivalent under any related or replacement legislation from time to time.

The LME shall treat all personal data you provide in accordance with the LME privacy statement which can be found on the LME website.

In addition, by registering for the portal you agree that:

  • you have provided a privacy notice (which is compliant with GDPR) to all individuals whose personal data is provided to LME
  • that the privacy notice includes sufficient information about the sharing of personal data with third party recipients so as to cover the disclosure to LME, and
  • if an individual requests further information about the disclosure of their personal data to the LME, you will direct them to the LME privacy statement.

To the extent that you fail to comply with the above steps in respect of information provided to the LME, you shall indemnify the LME from and against all losses incurred by the LME (including: claims, demands, actions, awards, judgments, settlements, costs, expenses, liabilities, damages and losses (including all interest, fines, penalties, management time, legal and other professional costs and expenses) arising out of or in connection with the failure to comply.

The LME reserves the right to discuss without restriction any information provided by you with any regulatory bodies or other persons or organisations, as the LME may in its absolute discretion decide, or make such other enquiries as it thinks fit.

The LME places significant reliance on the information supplied by you. Should incorrect or misleading information be supplied, the LME reserves the right to take this into account in determining the suitability of your application for any licence applied for using the portal. Should it be discovered that you have supplied incorrect or misleading information or have omitted any material fact which should reasonably have been disclosed to the Exchange as part of the registration process, then the LME reserves the right to take such action available to it as it considers appropriate.

To the extent that you purchase data services from the LME via credit card, please be aware that the LME uses Stripe Payments Europe Ltd. ("Stripe") to process those payments and you agree to be bound by The Stripe Services Agreement.

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