Financial OTC booking fee

The London Metal Exchange (LME) introduced a new Financial OTC Booking Fee in March 2018.

Any entity using LME data in OTC transactions will need to comply with the Financial OTC Booking fee policy.

The $1.14 2020 fee is designed to be fairer and put OTC contracts and “Client Contracts” on a similar fee construct, follows a market-wide consultation.

We have produced a quick guide (PPT) for all market participants and it explains what the fee is, who it applies to and how it works.

Those affected by the policy are required to register by completing and returning to us a Form 1 (for Members) or Form 2 (for Non-members).

We highly encourage you to engage with us if you have any questions after reading through the relevant documentation below.

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For further information please email FOTCReporting, Members may also contact their Relationship Manager.


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