LME Group operates according to a clear set of values that guide its decision-making and the behaviour of its employees. Today, as part of its stated commitment to high standards of both conduct and transparency, the LME is publishing its code of conduct.

The code of conduct, which represents a natural extension of the LME’s values, provides clear guidance for LME Group staff members acting in their official LME capacity. The LME is justifiably proud of its employees’ high standards of professional conduct, and believes the code of conduct will serve to further underscore their commitment to the metals market.

The code of conduct also applies to all member employees and visitors at the LME’s premises, and to all attendees at LME-organised events.

Furthermore, the LME brand is used by members and clients in marketing their events, particularly during LME Week and LME Week Asia, which adds to the vibrancy of the metals community. The LME welcomes this, but expects that any such events using the LME’s name will be conducted in accordance with the LME Code of Conduct. The LME provides a route for the escalation of concerns by attendees or other market participants, and failure by organisers to embed these behavioural principles at LME-branded events may result in action by the Exchange.

More broadly, by publishing its code of conduct, the LME hopes to further facilitate the ongoing enhancement of conduct in the wider metals sector. In this regard, the LME recognises that many members and clients have already undertaken strong positive conduct actions, and the LME is pleased to be playing its role in ensuring that all individuals in the industry can rightly expect a welcoming, respectful and inclusive environment.

Matthew Chamberlain, London Metal Exchange CEO, commented: “The LME has long-held values of integrity, diversity, excellence, collaboration and engagement. The publication of our code of conduct today formalises and extends our principles to all our stakeholders participating at LME and LME-affiliated events. By setting out our values and expected conduct, we are taking a positive step in the changing behaviour of the wider industry.”

Any party wishing to raise concerns as to behaviour under the code of conduct may contact the LME’s General Counsel on the dedicated and confidential email address.


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