Proprietary Liquidity Programme (base metals)

The LME has simplified its suite of incentive programmes to offer one programme: the Proprietary Liquidity Programme (PLP). This programme rebates liquidity-additive trading on LMEselect which benefits all users of the market.

Eligible contracts for the PLP include outright, medium-dated carry, and long-dated carry contracts in aluminium, copper, zinc, nickel, lead, and tin which are traded on LMEselect.

This new programme is available to all proprietary trading firms (as defined in the LME Incentive Programme General Terms (PDF)). Proprietary trading firms can apply for the new PLP programme using the form below. More information is available in LME notice 2021/022.

PLP application form

PLP application support

PLP specification

21 022 PLP Renewal

PLP worked examples

LME Incentive Programme General Terms

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