We at the LME are delighted to be collaborating with Metalshub to establish a transparent, efficient and liquid digital marketplace for base metals.

The collaboration is focused on helping to drive increased operational efficiency, improving transparency and supporting sustainably in these markets.

Metalshub is a leading digital metals procurement platform that already lists an array of ferroalloys as well as various non-ferrous and minor metal products on its marketplace, and offers metals-focused procurement software and analytical tools. 

Product pipeline

Metalshub already offer ferroalloy and industrial metals products on the platform. We will be undertaking focused market engagement with industrial user groups globally in order to develop a suitable new product pipeline, with products such as low carbon aluminium and other LME-established, non-ferrous products expected to be made available in early 2022.

Please email our Product Development team if you want to be involved.

“Our collaboration with Metalshub enables us to begin facilitating buyers’ access to the physical metal that meets their specific sustainability criteria.” 
Georgina Hallett, CSO LME

Who is the platform for?

Broadly speaking, the platform is for anyone who needs to procure metal, ie those who make metal, makes things out of metal and those who trade physical metal. In addition to their normal bilateral arrangements, the platform provides producers, consumers and merchants with a transparent, easy-to-use way of buying and selling metal, underpinned by reliable and transaction-based pricing.

The platform also offers a host of additional features designed to simplify and streamline the trade flow.

As a spot market, Metalshub is distinct from a futures market, designed, as it is to facilitate the procurement of materials, rather than to manage price risk, as is the case with the LME core derivatives market.

Sustainability drive

The Metalshub initiative comes as part of the LME’s strategy for a sustainable future, which includes bringing greater transparency to the physical market through digitalisation and standardisation, as well as better access to sustainable products.


Metalshub application 

Press release: LME collaborates with Metalshub in digital spot trading offering for base metals

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For more information please contact our Product Development team.

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