Customer test

Welcome to the LME Group Customer Test webpage. This page aims to provide all information relating to our Customer Test service and environments.

Customer Test support hours 08:00 – 18:00 (UK hrs) Monday - Friday except for UK Bank Holidays

Note that for UK Bank Holidays, LME systems such as LMEselect, LMEsource, LMEsmart and LMEmercury will be unavailable.

Scheduled maintenance are planned for Thursdays between the hours of 00.00-12.00 (UK hrs). Although we will always aim to plan for this day and times, there may be occasions when we need to plan maintenance on different days and times depending on the nature or urgency of the maintenance.

As well as appearing in the System Status Notification section below, a note informing users of upcoming scheduled maintenance will also be added to the LME Group General Update weekly email sent by the LME Relationship Management team every Friday.  

Upcoming Maintenance:

Please note that we are planning an LMEmercury Infrastructure Upgrade which will be undergoing an IT interface migration.

LMEmercury Infrastructure Upgrade contains changes that may require a refresh of the web browser cache. Please refer to clearing circular 23-004 for further details.

**This has already been deployed in LMEmercury MTA (16.03.23) and is due to be deployed in LMEmercury MTB in the coming weeks - a date is yet to be confirmed**

System Status Table

System MTA MTB Environment information

System available

System unavailable



System available

System available


System available

System available

LMEsword System unavailable

System available


System available

System unavailable  

System available

System unavailable

System available

System available


System available

System available

Environment Availability

LMEselect 00:45 (pre-open) – 19:00 (Base metals)  LMEselect: Orders can be entered into LMEselect from 00:45 (pre-open) through to 19:00 (Base metals) 
LMEsmart 01:00 – 20:00

LMEsmart: Trades resulting from above orders transfer to LMEsmart for matching from 01:00 to 20:00

LMEsmart: Trades can be entered into LMEsmart from 01:00 to 20:00

LMEmercury 07:30 – 20:30 LMEmercury: Matched trades transfer to LMEmercury from 07:30 to 20:30
07:30 – 20:00 End to end testing available


Points of note

  • As per LME Notice 20/169 LMEselect, LMEselectMD and LMEsource are no longer available in MTB environment.

  • LMEsword is only available in MTB.

  • LMEprism is only available in MTA.

LMEsmart GUI – To remediate display issues observed on the Trade Management and Trade History screens of the LMEsmart GUI, the LME installed a patch on both the member test and production environments in June 2022.

The supported versions are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge namely:

  • Google Chrome V1001
  • Microsoft Edge V1001

Please also be aware that Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 end of life was on June 15, 2022 and thus is no longer supported.

1The LMEsmart GUI is officially supported on the Google Chrome (100.0.4896.127), Microsoft Edge (100.0.1185.50). The GUI may work on later versions of the above browsers but has not officially been tested on these. The GUI may work on other browsers but is not officially supported on these.


Contact us

Please email customertest@lme.com for all questions relating to the customer test environments.

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