Customer test

Welcome to the LME Group Customer Test webpage. This page aims to provide all information relating to our Customer Test service and environments.

Customer Test support hours 08:00 – 17:00 (UK hrs) Monday - Friday.

Scheduled down time; planned maintenance will take place on Thursdays between the hours of 00.00-12.00 (UK hrs).

System status  

Please note as per LME Notice 20/169 LMEselect, LMEselectMD and LMEsource are no longer available in MTB.

LMEsword is only available in MTB.

LMEprism is only available in MTA.

System MTA MTB Environment information
LMEselect System available System unavailable
LMEsmart System available
System available

LMEmercury System available
System available
LMEsword System unavailable
System available

LMEsource System available
System unavailable
LMEprism System available System unavailable
LMEsftp(UDG) System available System available
LMEsftp System available  System available  

Environment availability - Trading hours

LMEselect 00:45 (pre-open) – 19:00 (Base metals) 20:00 (Precious metals) LMEselect: Orders can be entered into LMEselect from 00:45 (pre-open) through to 19:00 (Base metals) 20:00 (Precious metals)
LMEsmart 01:00 – 20:00

LMEsmart: Trades resulting from above orders transfer to LMEsmart for matching from 01:00 to 20:00

LMEsmart: Trades can be entered into LMEsmart from 01:00 to 20:00

LMEmercury 07:30 – 20:30 LMEmercury: Matched trades transfer to LMEmercury from 07:30 to 20:30
07:30 – 20:00 End to end testing available



Contact us

Please email customertest@lme.com for all questions relating to the Customer Test environments.

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