Executive and board committees

Executive Committee

The LME Executive Committee ("EXCOM") represents all key roles and functions within the LME that covers the day-to-day management to provide LME services.

EXCOM is itself a sub-committee that reports to the Board of Directors.

Matthew Chamberlain
Chief Executive
James Cressy Interim CEO, LME Clear
Sarah Burdett Head of Human Resources
Kirstina Combe Head of Regulation and Compliance
Georgina Hallett Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief of Staff
Miriam Heywood Head of Corporate Communications
Chris Jones Chief Risk Officer
Robin Martin Head of Market Development
Mario Quonils Chief Technology Officer
Tabitha Silverwood Chief Financial Officer
Jamie Turner Joint Interim Co-COO
Kishan Chandarana Head of Legal 
Hayley Nunn Senior Company Secretarial Assistant

Board committees

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