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LMEminis are cash-settled futures traded in lots of five tonnes. They are designed to appeal to market participants who want exposure to global metal prices, but prefer to trade monthly, cash-settled contracts.

Credible reference price

Because LMEminis are settled basis the LME Official Settlement Price and benefit from the liquidity of the parent contracts, investors can be confident the price at settlement is reflective of global supply and demand.


Traded in lots of five tonnes, they are designed to be less capital intensive than their 25-tonne parent equivalents both in outlay and margin. This allows a wider range of investor involvement in the market.


It's never been easier to access and trade the world’s most liquid industrial metals market. LME member firms, supported by a growing number of Independent Software Vendors, offer market access to the electronic trading of LMEminis on LMEselect  and the LME’s 24-hour telephone market.


Unlike other futures exchanges, the LME places no ceiling or floor on daily price movements nor does it stipulate position limits on LMEminis. This allows investors the freedom to trade against a price that is always available.

Solid foundations

LMEminis' parent futures, LME Aluminium, LME Copper and LME Zinc, are the Exchange’s most liquid and high-volume contracts.