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LMElive is the LME's own data application, providing customers with key LME pricing, information and tools for metals traded on the London Metal Exchange in addition to LBMA Platinum and Palladium auction pricing.

Functionality includes:

  • Real-time or 30 minutes delayed Non-Ferrous, Ferrous, Precious and Aluminium Premiums data.
  • LBMA Platinum and Palladium twice daily auction pricing (desktop only).
  • LMElive anywhere mobile service.
  • Comprehensive displays for full coverage of non-ferrous traded options.
  • Customisable web browser platform with easy to use tab navigation.
  • Prompt access with no installation downloads required.

Sign up for a four-week free trial to assess the value of the application for your business.

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LMElive products

To find the product which will best meet your requirements please use the table below:

LMElive product Desktop Delayed (30mins) Anywhere Desktop plus LMElive Anywhere Desktop plus platinum and palladium Desktop and LMElive Anywhere plus platinum and palladium Precious Desktop Precious Anywhere
Real-time access
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile accessible


Yes Yes
Official Settlement and Evening Evaluation prices
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Real-time 3 month charts and LMEselect summary

Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Latest spot FOREX

Yes Yes Yes
LBMA Platinum & Palladium twice daily
auction pricing

Yes Yes


LMElive access

To sign up for a four week free trial, LMEprecious LMElive access1 or an LMElive subscription, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, create an account via our Online Licensing Portal.
  2. Once you have entered a username and password, you will receive an email with a registration code. Please click the link in the email to verify your account and enter the registration code on the screen. Use this to activate your account.
  3. Once registered and logged in, go to the Data Services page.
  4. Click on ‘Subscribe’ under the LMElive section and follow the verification steps.
  5. Select the LMElive product you require then click on the Next button and proceed with filling out your personal details.
  6. You will receive your subscription confirmation email containing instructions for accessing LMElive. Now you can start accessing your LMElive free trial.
  7. To ensure you receive all emails, please whitelist reg@lme.proofidcloud.com.

LMEprecious subscription fees have been waived until the end of December 2021.


LMElive fees

If you would like to purchase an LMElive subscription, the fees are listed below:

Product Monthly fees
Annual fees
LMElive Real Time 285 3,420
LMElive Delayed 195 2,340
LMElive Anywhere 140 1,680
LMElive Real Time + Anywhere 330 3,960
LMElive Real Time + LBMA PGM Prices 300 3,600
LMElive Real Time + LBMA PGM Prices + Anywhere 350 4,200
LMEprecious LMElive Real Time1 - -
LMEprecious LMElive Anywhere1 - -


To sign up for an LMElive subscription, please register and log in to our Online Licensing Portal.

1 LMEprecious subscription fees have been waived until the end of December 2021.

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