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Metals are an essential enabler of a sustainable future, and as global demand for metals increases, so will the expectations on sustainable standards.

Within our own business and in the metals and mining industries more widely, we are committed to both driving and lending support to sustainability initiatives.

We believe we have a collective responsibility as an industry to drive meaningful change in this space. Working together, we can make metals the cornerstone of a sustainable future.

Our strategy aims to provide the metals industry with the option of gaining greater transparency of and access to sustainably produced metal – such as low carbon aluminium – as well as to metal that itself plays a significant role in global decarbonisation and the circular economy – such as EV materials and scrap metals.

To support the metals and mining industries in the ongoing transition towards sustainability, we have adopted three core principles:

Sustainability core principles

The LME’s sustainability strategy hinges on providing metal market participants with the option for greater transparency and access in respect of sustainably produced metal and metal that itself plays a significant role in global decarbonisation and the circular economy.

Sustainability strategy

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LMEpassport and sustainability disclosures

The LMEpassport digital register allows LME-listed brand producers to share and highlight the sustainability credentials and metrics of their metals. There is a wide range of approved environmental, social and governance disclosures which can be uploaded into the system, making this important information more transparent and accessible.

LME Sustainability: Summary (PDF)

LME Sustainability: Overview (PDF)

LME Sustainability Factsheet 2022 (PDF)

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Sustainability initiatives

Responsible sourcing
The LME has introduced responsible sourcing requirements for all brands listed for good delivery on the LME. 
LMEpassport is a centralised digital provenance register that enables users to provide disclosures related to metals’ sustainability characteristics on a voluntary basis.
EV metals
The LME provides risk management solutions for battery materials such as cobalt, nickel, and more recently, lithium.
Metalshub spot platform collaboration
This collaboration forms a key part of the LME’s strategy to provide greater access to sustainably produced metal.
Steel scrap
Scrap metals
Supporting the circular economy by providing transparent and reliable pricing, and risk management tools,
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