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The LME both runs and takes part in many virtual events throughout the year. LME webinars offer the opportunity to hear the latest updates from the LME, enhance knowledge of metals markets and join discussion around key industry trends and topics. At the same time, we often join industry partners, key stakeholders, news organisations and others to discuss a variety of wide-ranging topics. 

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Responsible sourcing
Giving LME-listed brands and stakeholders in the metals supply chain a more in-depth understanding of the LME’s requirements.
Wind turbines
Focusing on the key areas covered in the discussion paper, including the sustainable production, the circular economy and electric vehicles.
Geometric structure
LME discussion paper on market structure
Providing an overview and explanation of the topics included in the discussion paper. 
Zinc batteries
Battery materials
How we are delivering new risk-management tools for the battery materials and electric vehicle (EV) industries.
LME Education
Our live events provide the opportunity to ask questions directly to someone with first-hand and practical knowledge of the LME.
Steel rebar
Our suite of cash-settled ferrous contracts enable participants throughout the steel value chain to manage their exposure to price risk.
 Aluminium and alumina
These webinars offer a helpful overview of our aluminium contract suite and further insight into the market. 
LME and Bloomberg Intelligence joint webinars
Bloomberg Intelligence and the LME discuss their views on a number of topics regarding the metals industry in a series of joint webinars.
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