XML next day feed 

The LME's XML next day delayed feed allows you to easily integrate LME Data into your website or internal applications. This low cost data feed is XML-based and updates daily at 00.10am GMT (and 01:10 BST) giving a comprehensive record of the previous day's trading data. 


Data features

  • Data for all LME non-ferrous, steel billet and minor metal contracts. 
    Please note on the 10th April 2017, the LME suspended it's LME Steel Billet contract. Please see notice: Suspension of LME Steel Billet (PDF).
  • A complete set of daily Official, Settlement and monthly average prices
  • Final Evening Evaluation prices (Closing Prices) for the full forward curve for futures
  • The detailed daily warehouse stocks movements report allowing you to follow the physical movement of material in and out of LME listed warehouses by location and grade
  • Daily LME Official Forex rates

Service benefits

  • Excellent value for money with an annual subscription allowing customers to subscribe for 12 months
  • Simple contract summary tables can be integrated into web pages/intranet to support sales and purchasing decisions
  • Allows integration of 3 month price charts as PNG images onto your website 

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