LME Aluminium Premiums

LME Aluminium Premiums are contracts designed specifically to help the physical industry hedge the premium portion of the ‘all-in’ aluminium price.

There are four contracts: 

  • LME Aluminium US Premium
  • LME Aluminium West-Europe Premium
  • LME Aluminium East-Asia Premium
  • LME Aluminium South-East Asia Premium

They sit alongside our parent LME Aluminium contract, combining global liquidity with regional flexibility.

Physically settled, the monthly contracts provide a transparent, supply-and-demand-driven premium price discovery mechanism. Participants can also take delivery of readily available material in non-queued warehouses.

LME Aluminium Premium Closing Prices

LME Aluminium Premium prices are currently unavailable on LME.com due to technical issues. The publication of the prices will resume when the issue has been resolved. The LME premium prices can meanwhile be found on our mobile app, all third party data vendors or via your LME broker.

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