Sustainability disclosures on LMEpassport

Following collaboration with market stakeholders, the LME has developed a sustainability taxonomy, which provides LMEpassport users with a straightforward categorisation pathway, making it easier to navigate the wide range of sustainability-related focus areas across metals.

From 31 August, producers, LME Members and warehouse companies will be able to voluntarily append sustainability metrics and certifications to their CoA’s.

The LME’s taxonomy (the wheel) and details of the “Go-Live” sustainability disclosures



LMEpassport webinar: part two - record creation - watch now

LMEpassport sustainability categories (XLSX

LME sustainability taxonomy (PDF)

Coming soon: From the beginning of Q4 2021, sustainability information uploaded to LMEpassport will be shown publicly on the LME Sustainability web page. This data will be free and accessible to all LME website users.