Sustainability disclosures on LMEpassport

All LME-listed brands can use LMEpassport – the LME’s digital credentials register – to make disclosures of their sustainability metrics and certifications at the company, asset (smelter/refiner), and metal levels.

The LME has developed a sustainability taxonomy which provides LMEpassport users with a straightforward categorisation framework; this covers environmental, social and governance spheres, and is designed to ensure that all aspects of the sustainability world – and crucially, the ways in which LME-listed brands have moved to address them – can be reflected.

The first sustainability disclosures registered on LMEpassport can be found below. Please click the image to download a larger version (PDF).

LME sustainability disclosures table

Further detail on these first disclosures, including the evidence which assures those disclosures, can be found here:

October 2021 sustainability disclosures taxonomy for LMEpassport (XLSX) 

The LME’s sustainability taxonomy, as well as the sustainability disclosures currently available on the system, can be found below. Please click the image to download a larger version (PDF).

 Taxonomy for LMEpassport 


LMEpassport Training Webinar: Part Two - Record Creation

LMEpassport sustainability categories (XLSX)

LME sustainability taxonomy (PDF)

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