The London Metal Exchange (LME) hosts a series of educational webinars in conjunction with Euromoney Learning, offering a taster of some of the key themes and topics covered in our introductory courses to the LME.

Hosted by our expert trainer Emma Jenkins, the live events provide the opportunity to ask questions directly to someone with first-hand and practical knowledge of the LME and its unique structure. Alternatively, catch up on-demand at a later date for an insight into selected aspects of our markets.

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LME Education webinars

The Ring
The Fundamentals of Hedging on the LME
Back by popular demand: Understand the fundamentals of hedging your metals price risk and learn the basics of LME futures. Tuesday 6 July 2021, 11.00 BST
LME Warehousing and Delivery
A dive into the LME warehousing network and delivery mechanics that underpin our physically settled base metals contracts.
Geometric structure
A look into the financially settled trade average price option (TAPO) and when it should be used.
The Ring
Using Options with Different Strikes
Compare what happens when options with different strikes are used to manage the same price risk.
The Ring
Using LME Options
Learn how to use LME traded options to manage price risk, and compare the outcome to using futures.
More Uses of Carries
Deep dive into the uses of carry trades and managing price risks that fall on less liquid prompt dates.
Introduction to Options
Get to grips with LME options terminology and understand the basics of using options to hedge price risk.
Introduction to Carries
Understand what carry trades are and how they are used. This webinar explains how the forward curve impacts profit or loss arising from a carry trade.
LME Price References
Do you know the difference between official and unofficial prices? Understand how reference prices are determined and what they are used for.
Using Futures to Stabilise Profit Margins
Learn how to use futures to lock in future prices and stabilise profit margins.
Managing Metal Price Risk with Futures
A practical insight into managing metals price risk with futures and using fixed and floating payments.
The Ring
The Fundamentals of Hedging on the LME
Understand the fundamentals of hedging your metals price risk and learn the basics of LME futures.
The Forward Curve
This webinar takes a look at the forward curve and explains why contango and backwardation arise.
Cash-Settled Futures
This webinar examines the cash-settled futures which use prices published by price reporting agencies (PRAs). The differences between spot PRA prices, LME forward and settlement prices are explained.

The LME is delighted to be collaborating with Metalshub to establish a transparent, efficient and liquid spot trading platform and marketplace for base metals, including those suited more to spot trading, like low-carbon aluminium.

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