The Commitments of Traders Report (COTR) is designed to reflect the nature of the predominant business activity that LME members and their clients are involved in using the following classifications:

  • investment firms or credit institutions
  • investment funds
  • other financial institutions
  • commercial undertaking

These new classifications replaced the previous classifications with the implementation of MiFID II.

The data summarised within the COTR is a representation of the daily open positions included in the Commodity Position Reports (CPR) submitted daily by members via the LME universal data gateway (UDG).

A COTR is produced for each metal and is published on the LME website each Tuesday reflecting positions held at close of business the previous Friday. In the event the previous Friday falls on a UK Bank Holiday the COTR will reflect positions held at close of business the previous Thursday, and in the event the Monday prior to publication is a UK Bank Holiday the COTR will be published to the LME website on Wednesday.

Please note that the COTR is only produced for metals which have open positions. The most recent report therefore reflects the reporting period whereby open positions were last reported for that metal.

LME Policy on COTR (PDF)



LME Aluminium

LME Aluminium Alloy

LME Aluminium Monthly Average Futures

LME Aluminium Premium Duty Paid US Midwest (Platts) 

LME Aluminium Premium Duty Paid European (Fastmarkets MB)

LME Copper

LME Copper Monthly Average Futures

LME Lead 

LME Lead Monthly Average Futures 


LME Nickel

LME Nickel Monthly Average Futures


LME Tin Monthly Average Futures

LME Zinc

LME Zinc Monthly Average Futures



LME Steel Scrap CFR Turkey (Platts) 

LME Steel Rebar FOB Turkey (Platts) 

LME Steel Scrap CFR India (Platts) 

LME Steel HRC FOB China (Argus) 

Steel HRC N. America (Platts) 

Minor Metals

LME Cobalt


The data contained in the report is provided to the LME by third parties. The LME shall have no liability for any loss or damage incurred as result of any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in relation to the report, or for any delay in publishing the report, or for any other reason whatsoever in connection with the report.  The LME is unable to provide any warranty relating to the accuracy or completeness of any data contained in the report and no reliance should be placed on the report by any person accessing the report.

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and any other rights in the contents of the material available on the LME website, including any images and text, shall remain the property of the LME.

* All COTR market reports are generated two days after the trade date (T+2). Please note, T+2 refers to business days only.  Public holidays will delay the publication of this data. 

** Due to trades suspended at clearing overnight and different modelling methodologies on delta hedge equivalent positions, total longs and shorts may not always equal each other; the larger of the two is shown as the total open interest.

*** The COTR includes delta hedge equivalent positions for traded options; therefore, COTR total open interest will not equal the LME Market Open Interest Report total.

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