Contract name Code Historical daily Closing Prices Historical Final Settlement Prices
LME Steel Scrap CFR Turkey (Platts) SC Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)
LME Steel Rebar FOB Turkey (Platts)
SR Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)
LME Steel HRC FOB China (Argus) HC Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)
LME Steel HRC N. America (Platts) HU Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)
Alumina (CRU/Fastmarkets MB) AM Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)
LME Aluminium Premium Duty Paid US Midwest (Platts) UP Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)
LME Cobalt (Fastmarkets MB) CB Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)
LME Steel HRC NW Europe (Argus)
HN  Download (XLSX)  Download (XLSX)
 LME Steel Scrap CFR Taiwan (Argus) ST  Download (XLSX)  Download (XLSX)
 LME Steel Scrap CFR India (Platts) SI  Download (XLSX)  Download (XLSX)
 LME Aluminium Premium Duty Paid European (Fastmarkets MB) ED  Download (XLSX)  Download (XLSX)
 LME Aluminium UBC Scrap US (Argus)
UC   Download (XLSX)  Download (XLSX)
 LME Lithium Hydroxide CIF (Fastmarkets MB) LH  Download (XLSX)  Download (XLSX)


Historical daily volumes Historical daily Exchange Open Interest (EOI)
Combined data for SC, SR, HC, HU, AM, UP, HN, SI, ST, ED, LI, UC Download (XLSX)
Download (XLSX)

Historical data for LME Aluminium Premium Duty Unpaid European (Fastmarkets MB) is available on request and LME Molybdenum (Platts) is available from 2019 on the Online store.

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