Country of origin stock data

Monthly, 10-day delayed Excel report showing the breakdown of open tonnage by country of origin for all metals

As published in the LME Discussion Paper on Russian Metal – response paper (published via Notice 22/260  on 11 November 2022), the LME has committed to increasing transparency of per-country origin of metal on warrant. This will be published on a monthly basis in arrears on this page. The first such report was published in February 2023, covering January 2023 data.

Update – 12 June 2023

As set out in the response to the 2022 Discussion Paper on Russian Metal, a key part of the LME’s ongoing analysis is to look at flows of Russian metal through the LME’s warehouse network.

Given the increase in Russian-origin primary aluminium live on-warrant stocks as at 31 May 2023, the LME considers it helpful to provide the following additional data for the month of May 2023:

  • of the 57,925 tonnes of primary aluminium warranted, 67% was Russian and 33% non-Russian
  • of the 167,550 tonnes of primary aluminium warrants cancelled, 19% was Russian and 81% non-Russian. However, most of this cancelled stock remains in the warehouse.
  • of the 45,300 tonnes of primary aluminium loaded-out, 54% was Russian and 46% non-Russian

In the view of the LME, this suggests that Russian aluminium continues to flow through the warehousing network, and that a meaningful set of global consumers continue to accept Russian metal.

The LME will continue to monitor this data and reflect government actions where relevant (as most recently demonstrated in February 2023, with the LME preventing the warranting of Russian primary aluminium, NASAAC, copper, lead and nickel in US warehouses, following the imposition of new significant tariffs by the US government in respect of these metals).


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