All LME-listed brands can use LMEpassport, the LME’s digital credentials register, to upload disclosures of their sustainability metrics and certifications at the company, asset (smelter/refiner) and metal levels.

LME-listed producers each have their own sustainability page on LMEpassport where they can add a range of ESG credentials achievements, targets and objectives. Users can also take advantage  of the “side-by-side” feature on LMEpassport, to view multiple producers’ sustainability information at the brand and entity level, enabling comparison of up to five producers simultaneously.

View sustainability disclosures on LMEpassport

The LME has developed a sustainability taxonomy which provides LMEpassport users with a straightforward categorisation framework. This covers a spectrum of environmental, social and governance categories, and is designed to ensure that all aspects of the sustainability world – and crucially, the ways in which LME-listed brands have moved to address them – can be reflected.

There is a wide range of metrics, credentials and proof points that can be uploaded into LMEpassport. In addition to the metrics which are already available in the system, metal producers can suggest additional recognised disclosure standards by emailing the LME’s Sustainability team.

The LME’s sustainability taxonomy, as well as the sustainability disclosures currently available on the system, can be found below. 

LMEpassport producer user guide

Our latest video in the LMEpassport series is designed to give our producers the toolkit to navigate the platform and add a range of sustainability credentials and metrics.

LMEpassport new methodology form

The LMEpassport new methodology form is intended to be used by producers, certification bodies and methodology owners to be listed as one of the LMEpassport approved ESG disclosures.

LMEpassport New Methodology Application Form (PDF)

Please fill out and submit the application form to sustainability@lme.com.


LME sustainability taxonomy (PDF)

LMEpassport how to upload sustainability Information (PDF)

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