Minor metals

US$/tonne for 22 September 2017

LME Official prices, US$ per tonne

Contract Cobalt Molybdenum
Cash Buyer 59000.00 15500.00
Cash Seller & Settlement 59500.00 16000.00
3-months Buyer 59000.00 15500.00
3-months Seller 59500.00 16000.00
15-months Buyer 58655.00 15725.00
15-months Seller 59655.00 16725.00

LME Official opening stocks in tonnes

Stocks Cobalt Molybdenum
Opening Stock 820 0
Live Warrants 752 0
Cancelled Warrants 68 0

Settlement exchange rates

Currency Exchange rate
GB Pounds Sterling 1.3561
Japanese Yen 112.02
Euro 1.1963


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