We provide the metals and financial communities with a comprehensive range of market data to suit all user needs.

Participants can access a broad range of data covering everything from key reference prices, like LME Official and Closing Prices, and multi-prompt tick data, to warehouse and stocks reports, and volumes and open interest data.

Available on a real-time, delayed or historical basis, users can access LME data directly and indirectly via a number of channels. These include LMEsource and LMEselectMD (our data distribution platforms), a global network of over 50 licensed data distributors, (including LMElive), LME.com and a day-delayed feed.


LMElive and LMElive anywhere applications are available, providing real-time prices and data direct from the LME. Register to sign up for a four week free trial today.

Daily trading volumes for previous years are available for purchase.

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