LME Official Price

The Ring

Each of the reference prices published by the Exchange is derived directly from trading and provide transparent pricing for the global metals market.

What is the LME Official Price and how is it calculated?

The LME Official Price is the last bid and offer price quoted during the second Ring session and the LME Official Settlement Price is the last cash offer price.

How is it used?

The LME Official Price is used as the global reference for physical contracts. The LME Official Settlement Price is the price at which all LME futures are settled.

Prompt dates

  • Cash, 3-month and 15-month: LME Tin, LME Steel Billet, LME Cobalt and LME Molybdenum.
  • Cash, 3-month and one forward December prompt: LME Aluminium Alloy and LME NASAAC.
  • Cash, 3-month and three forward December prompts: LME Aluminium, LME Copper, LME Lead, LME Nickel and LME Zinc.

When is it published?

12.30-13.25 London time


USD (LME also publish exchange rates for EUR, GBP, JPY)

Trading day and price points

Trading day and price points London Singapore New York
LMEselect open

LME Asian Reference Price

  • Established 06.55 - 07.00 (07.55 - 08.00 BST*)
  • Provisional prices published 07.01 (08.01 BST*)
  • Confirmed at 07.03 (08.03 BST*);

* All times are London time unless stated otherwise

Stock inventories published 09.00 17.00 04.00
Ring open
11.40 19.40 06.40
LME Official and Official Settlement Price established
12.20 - 13.25
20.20 - 21.25
07.20 - 08.25
LME Official and Official Settlement Price published
12.20 - 13.25
20.20 - 21.25
07.20 - 08.25
LME Unofficial Price established and published 15.00 - 15.35
22.00 - 22.35
10.00 - 10.35
LME Closing Price established
15:50 - 17.00
22.50 - 00.00
10.50 - 12.00
Ring close
17.00 00.00 12.00
LME Final Closing Price published from 17.50 00.50 12.50
LMEselect close 19.00 02.00 14.00

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The LME Official Prices are benchmarks administered by the LME pursuant to the UK Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) (and collectively constitute the LME Official Prices Benchmark Family).

For more information, please see the Benchmark Regulation page. This page also includes links to the BMR benchmark statement and methodology for the LME Official Prices.

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